UNIT53 delivers 53ft dry container with security and sustainability at design core

UNIT53 delivers 53ft dry container with security and sustainability at design core

UNIT53 Inc. has extended its product line with the addition of a 53ft dry safety container, designed to offer the highest standards of cargo security and developed with sustainability in mind.

Available for the North American domestic US market, including Canada and Mexico, the 53ft lockable safety container was designed in response to the widely reported ten-year high in cargo theft.

Safety features include solid doors, reinforced with safety pins and plates to provide an extra layer of protection against theft and tampering, and lashing rings that allow the stable stacking of cargo during transit.

Optional tracking by Traxens/ Hoopo enables clients to trace the whereabouts of their cargo at any point in the shipping process, from loading through to final destination. Other tracking systems can be installed, per the customer’s requirements.

In addition, UNIT53’s dry safety container can be fitted with an internal locking system to provide verifiable evidence of a secured load, key for obligatory compliance with U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

With a focus on minimizing carbon output in the manufacturing process, the containers have been designed using sustainable materials, including a bamboo floor and water-based paints free of volatile organic compounds or hazardous air pollutants.

“Our customers rightly demand nothing less than complete supply chain security, which is particularly important given that cargo theft is at a 10-year high,” said Kent Delozier, Director of Sales, UNIT53. “Whether you ship by road, rail or water, UNIT53 safety containers offer peace of mind and the highest standards of safety, security and sustainability.” 

Ideal for intermodal transportation, 53ft containers can be loaded at a manufacturing facility, transported by water or rail and delivered to the final destination by truck – all in the same shipping container – thereby reducing freight costs and the number of cargo touchpoints. 

As well as safety containers, UNIT53 offers a wide range of other 53ft containers, including standard dry units, diesel (electric) reefer units and dual compartment reefers.

For further information please contact info@unit53.com. Financial solutions are available to support customer purchases. 

UNIT53 is a member of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), which brings together manufacturers, logistic service providers, law enforcement agencies, insurers, and security service providers to minimize supply chain disruptions and losses and helps to optimize its members' supply chain resilience.

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